Unacceptable reasons for parking in a disabled parking space*:

  • Being too lazy to go and find a regular space.
  • Because it’s easier to dispatch your seven crotchlings into Asda to do your weekly shop
  • Because you’re cruising wit yo’ homies and you want to pull up to the kerb and get out of the car – you’re too ghetto for car parks.
  • Because you’re elderly. If you’re elderly and immobile, get yourself a blue badge. If you’re just elderly, then sorry, you have to park in a regular space like the rest of us!
  • Because you’ve brought your disabled family member with you to sit in the car while you go off and do your shopping. Not only is this pointless as the person the badge is intended for – the disabled person – isn’t leaving the car, that’s an incredibly crappy thing to do to your disabled family member.
  • Because your mum/grandma/boyfriend has a blue badge, and it’s in your car so y’know…you’re displaying the badge and no-one’s going to KNOW they’re not with you and you’re using the badge. This is crap. I have a disabled badge in my car and, unless J is with me, I don’t use it. Even if ALL the disabled spaces are empty and the nearest regular space is the other side of the car park.
  • Because you’re only going in really really quickly for a newspaper, and some coffee…and wine and maybe to pick up something for dinner…
  • Because you’re sitting in the car. If you’re sitting in the car it doesn’t count, right?
Acceptable reasons to park in a disabled parking space:
  • You have a blue badge, and it’s yours.
(if anyone can think of any more, please let me know!)
*I’ve seen or know of all of these things happening

6 Comments on “Unacceptable reasons for parking in a disabled parking space*:”

  1. Pennyessex says:

    Outside my home in my marked disabled bay by gentleman ‘ there’s no where else along this road to park’

  2. Mary says:

    There is one other documented acceptable reason for parking in a blue badge space – you are picking up or dropping off a blue badge holder. For instance my non-disabled friends and PAs can legitimately park their cars in a BB space and then walk, run, hop, skip, or jump into a nearby building, as long as shortly afterwards they are assisting me out of said building and into said car.

    I’d make an exception for emergencies, too. If a Blue Badge space is the nearest safe place to pull over then it’s the nearest safe place to pull over. However by ’emergency’ I mean someone in the car is having an acute event requiring immediate attention, or that makes it unsafe for the driver to continue looking for a more suitable parking place – needing to medicate, yes, needing to call an ambulance, definitely, needing a wee, no.

    • Emsy says:

      I totally agree, and in my mind the “walking, running, hopping, skipping and jumping to collect your disabled friend” (please note I will be doing all these things next time I collect J from anywhere for my own amusement purposes) counts towards the “you have a blue badge” as the badge holder is imminently going to be entering the car, and thus making it justified to use said badge.

      Also in an emergency, all bets are off for anywhere. I’d say that, as long as you’re not about to be hit by an oncoming truck, you can park there. And then we get into the long discussion over what constitutes an emergency…”no no, you don’t understand, I was OUT OF COFFEE…it was AN EMERGENCY!!” ;o)

  3. TiredLegs says:

    How about ‘I have a temporary impairment which means I can’t use the usual spaces, but won’t last long enough to get a blue badge’?
    A few months ago I spent a few weeks being unable to manage more than a few steps, then I got better (nasty meds reaction, unlikely to recur).
    I don’t drive, but I did ask taxis to drop me off in disabled spaces the few times I went out, as I couldn’t walk across the car park and didn’t have the ability to self-propel, or a wheelchair pusher.
    Not sure what I would have done otherwise, given I only left the house when really essential anyway.
    OK, or not OK? Genuinely interested to know what you think.

    • Emsy says:

      That is a difficult one. From my perspective (disclaimer: other’s perspectives may differ!) dropping off in a taxi is a quick-and-easy manoeuvre…usually taxis tend to drop off near to wherever you’re going. However I think the problem comes when people start to decide for themselves if they feel they should be able to use the disabled spaces. And for this I mean there’s two sides to it: those (like you) who really do need to use them but for whatever reason cannot get hold of the means to do so, and those who feel they should be able to use them but actually don’t need them. I am not one to make that distinction but I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who feel they should be able to use a disabled space when really, they don’t have a need for it (see my list above!!!)

      It’s difficult, and must be a really difficult situation to be in.

  4. sue says:

    I have to more reasons that I have seen to add to your excuses list 1 I am a taxi driver and I am waiting for a pick up 2 I am a delivery driver and I have to drop this parcel off at this shop and this is the nearest parking place I have seen both these how disgraceful

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