I’m back. In a slightly more permenant way.

Hi! I’m back…

So here’s the deal. Over the last year or so I’ve been experimenting with a few blogs here and there, one about this topic and one about something else and I’ve now got to the point where I thought “y’know what? Sod it. We’ll just stick it all in the one place, and then I don’t have to get confused.”

Not gonna lie, I’m not new to this blogging lark. I’ve actually been a pretty dedicated blogger since 2003, (over two and a half thousand entries now I look at it, that’s a lot of yammering on about really very little…) but it didn’t feel like an “official” blog. One that I could show people and say “Look, I have an opinion about THIS, I wrote about it HERE!”

So far, this blog has mainly been used to write a few small diatribes about things. I felt I wanted a place to write about things – silly and serious – that matter and that are important, and to add to the blog discussion that happens online these days. I love the world of blogging. I love that you can respond to something in the news, or an event, or something in your own life by talking about your views and experiences and then reading about other’s views and experiences on the same thing. We’re lucky to be able to do it.

So here’s mine. Enjoy!


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