Blogging about Blogging for Youth Work Week. It’s meta.

So. I’m starting a thing.

It all started a couple of week back when another youth worker called Emily and I started having a Twitter conversation about, well, youth work as it happens. I think the conversation started from a comment somewhere about youth workers and teachers having the same training. We both felt pretty strongly that youth work was a profession in itself with its own skills, and that it was slowly but surely becoming more diluted with other professions like teaching, social work and various support roles.

I thought that youth workers needed to stand up and shout a bit about the job they do. I know they DO stand up and shout about it, quite often, but that any extra opportunity wouldn’t go amiss. So, seeing as it’s going to be Youth Work Week at the beginning of November, what better time to do it.

I myself have been part of other “Blogging days” such as Blogging against Disablism Day or Blogging for LGBT families day so I thought a “Blog week” would be the perfect opportunity for youth worker bloggers to do what they already do (blog their little hearts out) but make a campaign out of it.

I really want this to be an opportunity for youth workers from a variety of youth work backgrounds to come together and give their view on what’s happening to their profession. Maybe it won’t work at all, it could end up being me all on my own, I don’t know. But I hope it does work.

So here we are. Blogging for Youth Work Week. Please please pass the word around and take part. The more people we have writing about  how important and vital youth workers are, the bigger impact we hope to have!


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