The Tories don’t like you.

If you’re poor, the Tories don’t like you. If you’re disabled, if you claim benefits, if you are unemployed, the Tories don’t like you. If you’re a single parent, if you live in social housing, the Tories don’t like you. If you have mental health problems, if you’re a public sector worker, if you’re a union member, the Tories don’t like you.

The country is run by people who not only don’t understand what it’s like to live on the breadline, to live in poverty or to live with disability, they cannot fathom it. It is so, completely far removed from their life experience that they cannot even begin to understand, to visualize, to conceptualize what it is like. The country is run by people who genuinely believe that all it takes to “work hard and get on” is to get a job. They genuinely believe that. All those excuses – disability, lack of employment, mental health issues, family and childcare issues – are all just excuses to them. As far as they’re concerned, you are just being lazy. A scrounger. A pleb.

Two big topics of the budget were getting on the property ladder and starting small businesses. For so many people, both those ideas are so far away from what they’re able to do. People can’t just start up their own business. People can’t just pop off and buy a house. And the government completely ignores and glosses over those who are really struggling to live day-to-day. Today’s budget was confirmation that the Tories are not thinking about the poorest, the hardest hit, those who are truly struggling. They genuinely believe you are scroungers who are lazy. They’re believing their own rhetoric.

I have decided that I’m no longer going to kid myself that the government gives half a crap about anyone that doesn’t directly affect them. They don’t have to see the poor, the disabled, unless they get wheeled out for a visit to a local estate or a day centre. They do not see the say to day and they have no interest in seeing it.

I trust this government as far as I can throw them.


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