A slight change of pace.

Hello, happy 2014 and so on…

This post is a bit of an update to a change in my life, and a blog that’s going to come out of it.

You may remember this post from May last year, where I talked about our flat becoming flooded. Well, that turned into having to live in temporary accommodation for four and a half months. We moved back into our flat in the middle of September last year. At the end of October, I stopped working due to illness. At the beginning of December, my GP provisionally diagnosed me with fibromyalgia.

At the moment I’m not sure what’s going to happen re. work and so on. I’m trying to work out what my new “normal” is, and how and if work can fit around that. I currently suffer from chronic pain and chronic fatigue. Apart from quick trips to the supermarket at the end of the road, I’m only managing to leave the house on average once a week. This is a very new way of having to live my life and it’s taking me some time to get my head around it.

pipToday, my application form for Personal Independence Payments arrived. Personal Independence Payment, (or PIP) is the new version of Disability Living Allowance that anyone who is making a new claim has to apply for. It’s a 40-page document that asks you to describe the minutiae of every day, and how your condition makes things worse for you.

I was a professional, working towards my Masters Degree in my chosen subject, self-employed and working. I’m now barely able to leave my house. I want to document my journey through transitioning from working professional to chronically ill person. I am the person whose life turned around in a small amount of time because they got ill and had to work out if they were still going to be able to work.

I have until the February 9th to finish my PIP form. My appointment with the rheumatologist isn’t until February 26th, but I figure it’s better to get things started now.

Onwards and upwards…


4 Comments on “A slight change of pace.”

  1. mary says:

    Good luck.
    If i were to offer only one piece of advice… Make your own copies of *everything*, kept with brief notes of every phone call with them and the date you send your evidence.
    I know that this makes me sound like a pessimistic conspiracy theorist… but it’s a huge government department dealing with a brand-new benefit involving, as you say, some 40 pages of variables. To expect 100% efficiency would be unrealistic.
    Copies will minimise the impact on you IF it goes wrong.
    It also reduces the stress at the next review form if you have your original information handy.
    Meanwhile let’s hope it goes through smoothly!

  2. I definitely agree with mary: keep copies of everything you send and records of any phone conversations, it saves so much trouble if their are problems with your application and even if things run smoothly (as they hopefully will) it makes future reassements so much easier.

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