How long does it take you to fill in a form?


Pip the cat sleeps on PIP the form.

Three weeks. That’s how long it took. Granted, one of those weeks I spent five out of seven days sleeping because, well, fibromyalgia but altogether it took three weeks. Culminating in, on Thursday night, me lying in bed with my eyes closed while my fantastic husband picked over my answers with a fine-toothed comb, suggesting things I could expand on or add to make sure the DWP know every tiny detail of my health information. By that point I was unable to look at the thing any more and it had all become meaningless words to me.

Three weeks and only two ugly crying sessions about how crap my life had become, so that’s not too bad, all told.

Three weeks of doing one question at a time because I couldn’t write for very long, couldn’t sit up for very long, couldn’t concentrate for very long and there’s only so long you can sit listing everything that’s wrong with your life before you want to go and have a very long lie down.

We posted it off on Friday (recorded delivery, after my husband once completed a whole DLA renewal form for the DWP only for them to lose it and claim they never ever received it ever honest) as the form was due in yesterday.

Yes, yesterday. As in, Sunday. Is the DWP employing letter-openers on weekends? Seems so.

But it’s done, and that’s another thing crossed off the list. It’s February now, so considering that there are currently six month delays in getting people’s applications processed I might be lucky enough to see an outcome of some description before the end of 2014. It’s a good job we have some other sources of income for stuff like “food” and “bills”. Plus it seems some of the PIP assessors are not so good at dealing with disabled people while the company that has been helping the government put together the Welfare Reform Bill (of which PIP is a part) apparently doesn’t believe the condition I may have actually exists.

So, y’know, it’s all looking very hopeful. I’m going to sleep for a week.


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