So I’ll start a revolution from my bed.

So everything seems to have taken off in quite a dramatic way over the last week or so. Ever since a few of us wrote about the possible reclassification of CFS, fibromyalgia and M.E. I’ve had the most hits on one day my blog has ever had. The World Health Organisation made sure the original article was taken down and went on a tweet spree to make sure everyone knew that this reclassification was NOT going to happen. But, the ball had started rolling and pyjama-clad warriors from all over the internet had started typing into action.

There’s now a Facebook page, there are bloggers and healthcare professionals and people who have chronic illnesses reading, and writing, and planning and talking. As I said in my previous entry, I’m a newcomer to this community. I don’t have a diagnosis yet. But I can read, and learn, and collate information. And help raise awareness of the issues that people with these chronic illnesses are having. Some of the things that have happened so far:

FibroMe For Action group on Facebook

Blog entry on Ramblings from a Fibro Fogged Mind

FibroGirl’s Call to Action

And why are we doing this? Although the WHO stated pretty clearly that they have no plans to reclassify fibro, M.E. and CFS, treatment of these conditions is far from ideal. There are still healthcare professionals out there who either don’t believe in these illnesses, or who believe they can be cured through therapy rather than medical intervention. I think that’s reason enough to shout about it.

There’s a lot to read, a lot to process and a lot to plan, and when it’s being done by people who have very limited amounts of energy it’s hard. But it shows that people are willing to fight. I’ve realised that my place in this campaign is probably going to be to blog, to educate myself and to post my own story. At the moment that’s the most powerful thing I’ve got.


One Comment on “So I’ll start a revolution from my bed.”

  1. Even though the reclassification isn’t going to happen, you are right that the opinions of many health care professionals still needs to change. Thanks for highlighting such an important issue.

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