My PIP application and OT referral were submitted in February. I don’t expect to hear anything soon.

Various doctors (and a practice nurse) at my GP surgery have told me to increase, then decrease, then increase my medication. I am in constant pain but won’t be given stronger painkillers. I am in constant pain but am not allowed a referral to the pain clinic until I’ve been on my current medication (amatriplyline, 50mg) for a month, and then I have to try another medication (gabapentin), and then I might be allowed a referral. I am currently not under the care of any specialists.

I’ve realised I cannot do the work I so desperately want to do because I will not be able to manage it. I cannot get out of the house because I can’t drive very frequently any more, and leaving the house exhausts me. I am not eligible for social care.

So I can’t work, I’m in constant pain and I’m refused better pain medication or access to specialist care.

Exactly what the hell am I supposed to do now?


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