Happy PIP-iversary to me.

As you read this I will be somewhere between Cornwall and Bristol I imagine, but I did want this to go out today as it’s my 5 month PIP-iversary today. Hurrah!

Well, now, let’s be fair. It’s five months since my claim was opened. It’s only FOUR months since I sent it back to the DWP so they could throw it at ATOS to wait in a large pile for months. Because I wouldn’t want the DWP to look like they were taking an excessively long time about it or anything.

In those four months:

  •  I have received a diagnosis of fibromyalgia
  • I have gone onto and off medications.
  • I have gained symptoms that are completely different from the ones that I put on the form
  • I have stopped being able to do things that I could do when I filled in the form
  • I can’t walk as well as I could
  • I can’t drive as well as I could
  • I’ve got a better idea of my “base line” and what my “flare” times are like, and it’s a lot worse than I thought

So, long story short, what’s on that form bares a passing resemblance to me in January 2014. It really doesn’t bear any resemblance to me in June 2014. Unsurprisingly.

But when I finally do get the letter that says they want to poke at me and see if I am what I say I am, they’re going to base their assessments on what I said in January. And then when I get a letter saying I’m not eligible for PIP (I am both realistic in my thinking and looking to the worst outcome as to not disappoint myself) I will  have to appeal with my new situation, my new medications, my new symptoms. So they can take another 6 months to look at it. By which point it will more than likely have changed again.

Do you ever get the feeling you’re chasing your tail? That you’re running round in circles?

At some point this week I will call the DWP, again, and see if my form has seen any daylight since February. And then I’ll wait another month.



3 Comments on “Happy PIP-iversary to me.”

  1. crtruelove says:

    Know the feeling! It’s amazing how broad the symptoms of Fibromyalgia are and how it changes. Mine started with sharp stabbing and burning pains in between my shoulder blades near my spine and moved all around different area of my body plus added various cognitive changes and more! It’s always an adventure, isn’t it? Keep your head up. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. […] week it was my 5 month PIP-iversary. Hurrah! That meant it was time to contact the Department for Work and Pensions. […]

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