Well that escalated quickly…

It’s that time again…my six month PIP-iversary! And what did I get as a kind gift?

An ATOS assessment. On Monday morning.

2014-07-11 11.11.27


To explain: I called the lovely DWP this morning as my application has now passed the golden 26 week mark and I was finally allowed to talk about it to another person!

“Hmmm” she said, “we sent your application to ATOS in February, you’ve not heard anything?”

“No” said I.

“Ah” she said. “Do you want to call them and see what’s going on?”

“Not especially” I thought. “Yes” I said. She gave me a phone number, so I called ATOS.

Who had a cancellation for 9am, Monday morning. Hurrah! Oh god…

So, now I have my ATOS assessment for my PIP application. Have roped my mum along into being my transport plus an “advocate” while I’m in the appointment – I need someone else to remember stuff for me. Ideally I’d take my husband but in this instance he would not be a good person to take. Why?

Because he uses a wheelchair, and I can’t turn up to my PIP assessment with someone who is more disabled than I am. ATOS are famed for making ridiculous assumptions, and seeing me as the “less worse off” one would not count in my favour. So, no husband on this one.

So that’s the situation. Seems to have gone from standstill to full throttle in the space of no time at all. I have, at least, got the very good guidance notes from Benefits and Work so I will study them this weekend, and revise for my assessment.


2 Comments on “Well that escalated quickly…”

  1. sdbast says:

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    Best of luck 🙂

  2. knittedfog says:

    thinking of you and sending positive vibes.

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