It’ll get worse before it gets better.

There’s an election next year. Scary thought, especially given the political climate. UKIP, with it’s one-MP-that-was-a-Tory have every party wanting to pander to them.

It’ll get better, but I think it’ll get worse first. Here’s my back-of-a-fag-packet thinking about this.

Election happens next year. UKIP get some seats, the media will go MAD about it and it’ll be all over the papers for weeks. Someone will win, possibly the Tories (to be honest they’re the “most likely” to win out of the other three just because the Lib Dems really don’t have a hope any more and Labour are just being rubbish). UKIP will get LOADS of screen time during the run-up to the election because one of them will say we should bring back slavery and another one will say that women shouldn’t work and another one will do a Nazi salute or something but for UKIP, even bad publicity is publicity and the media will go on about it for days.

Meanwhile. Whichever party wins will basically end up bringing in the same policies. The dividing line between the three main parties is now so tiny it’s barely visible and we’ve almost got to the point where if you’re poor or unemployed or disabled or a mixture of all three then you’re going to be screwed, which ever party gets in. And because the media will have been shouting “UKIP!” for weeks, each party will feel they have to pander to them. It’ll get worse before it gets better.

However. At some point after the next election, people will realise it has gone too far. People who support UKIP don’t see the truth behind the propaganda they spew. Sadly, I think they’re going to have to come and show how awful they actually are before some people will see them for the nasty, misogynistic, racist party they are. And then people will realise, and they’ll get cross, and UKIP will eventually disappear like all the BNP/EDL groups that have come before them.

However. We should not accept that this is what will happen. We need to fight against it. It’ll be a hard fight, especially because it will consist of the people with least power fighting the people with the most power. Be political. Talk about political issues. Challenge people. It will be exhausting, but we just cannot lie down and be trampled on.

But I’m interested to hear what people think. Do you think it will happen this way? Am I being pessimistic? What are the chances of the country being a better place for the poor and disabled? Please leave your comments below.


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