Benefit fraud is a real problem. And it’s up to YOU to stop it.

The government has announced that it’s releasing posters to bring awareness to the amount of benefit fraud that happens in this country, and they are telling YOU to report those you feel are committing benefit fraud.

But, how do you know who is and who isn’t? Maybe it’s that disabled person who lives in the ground floor flat – they’re probably faking it…maybe it’s the guy who comes round and cleans your windows – he’s probably on jobseekers, y’know? Well now, for the FIRST TIME, YOU can get STATISTICAL INFORMATION to help you work out who to shop.

Out of a population of 64.1 million people,  there are 5.3 million working-age benefit claimants and 2.83 million pension credit claimants. That means 12.68% of people in the UK are on some kind of benefit. And of that 12.68%, 0.7% has been paid out due to FRAUD

That’s 56, 910 people.

That’s 0.09% of the general population.

THAT means that out of every 10,000 people YOU meet every day,

9 of them will be benefit FRAUDSTERS.

So keep your eyes peeled. And keep counting. Because out of YOUR 10,000 friends, 9 of them are evil BENEFIT FRAUDSTERS.


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